AAHPM — Summer Quarterly 2012
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AAHPM Can Help.<br /> Achieving board certification demonstrates that physicians are dedicated to the highest possible standards of knowledge and practice in hospice and palliative medicine.<br /> <br /> AAHPM recommends exam preparation resources to help physicians prepare for the final certification exam through the practice pathway for allopathic physicians in 2012 and for osteopathic physicians in 2013.<br /> <br /> 1. Become Familiar with Exam Content and Blueprint and Take a Sample Tutorial<br /> The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) have posted on their websites the hospice and palliative medicine certification exam blueprint, and ABIM has developed a sample online tutorial so candidates can familiarize themselves with the look and feel of the computerized exam. Visit www.abim.org/specialty/ hospice-palliative-medicine.aspx or www.osteopathic.org/inside-aoa/development/aoa-board-certification/ Pages/default.aspx to access resources.<br /> <br /> 2. Review Textbooks and Articles<br /> The UNIPAC Self-Study Program, 4th edition, has been completely revised and updated by experts in the field to include the latest evidence and best practices. All nine UNIPAC volumes also have a corresponding online confidence-based learning module, delivered using amplifire software, to efficiently pinpoint knowledge gaps and areas of misinformation. Visit UNIPACs.org to learn more and to order. PC-FACS and AAHPM & HPNA Annual Assembly recordings are also great resources to help you prepare.<br /> <br /> 3. Purchase a Review Couse Recording<br /> The AAHPM Intensive Board Review Course is one of the best ways to prepare for the board exam. With faculty comprising some of the leading experts in the field, this course has been specifically designed to cover all the topics tested on the board exam. Don’t miss your chance to access the content. The 2012 course recording will be available in the online bookstore by September. The 2010 recording is currently available. Visit aahpm.org and click Learn to order.<br /> <br /> 4. Take a Practice Test<br /> HPM PASS includes 150 test questions to help assess your knowledge in key areas of hospice and palliative medicine and uncover areas where additional review may be helpful. HPM FAST modules (2nd edition due in late summer) each off er 25 test questions focusing on important clinical topics including prognostication, pediatrics, and psychiatry and cognition. Learn more at HPMpass.org.