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(Left to right) Rep. Wendell Willard and Chief Justice Carol Hunstein respond to one of the less solemn moments of “Criminal Justice Reform: Opportunities and Obstacles.” Douglas County District Attorney J. David McDade responds to questions during “Criminal Justice Reform: Opportunities and Obstacles.” they use it.” He also said that, “There ought to be more transpar-ency on the bench. There ought to be more vigorous debate. Once you become a judge it is an inher-ently different role. I really believe people in the judiciary are trying to get it right.” 26 Following lunch was this year’s Fred Friendly session “Sex Abuse in the South” with Richard Griffiths, editorial editor, CNN, Atlanta, once again providing his ample experience as interlocutor. We’ve seen them unfold at Penn State and Syracuse: messy sex abuse scandals with few positive outcomes. In the manner popularized by the late Fred Friendly, working through a hypothetical scandal at an imagi-nary university, members of the panel examined the journalistic, institutional, law enforcement, legal and judicial responsibilities that seem to have confounded officials in New York and Pennsylvania. Hon. John “Jack” Goger, judge, Superior Court of Fulton County, Atlanta; Mike Dreaden, news director, WSB-TV, Atlanta; Lalaine A. Briones, Office of the Clayton County District Attorney, Jonesboro; Gary Hauk, vice presi-dent and deputy to the president, Emory University, Atlanta; John R. “Jack” Martin, Martin Brothers, P.C., Atlanta; Shawn McIntosh, public editor and blog adminis-trator, Atlanta Journal-Constitution , Atlanta; and Arthur Nixon, investi-gator, Special Victims/Sex Crimes Unit, Atlanta Police Department, Atlanta, were the panelists. The hypothetical scandal involved Susie Backswing, the men’s tennis coach at Lindbergh State University and former coach at Lindbergh Tennis Camp; and accusations made by former stu-dents of molestation by Coach Backswing. As Griffiths let the details of the debacle unfold, panel-ists were asked to respond to each new plot point using their special area of expertise. Goger summed it up by saying, “Whether high-pro-file or low-profile, cases work best when they are open and people are allowed to know what’s going on.” “Primary Colors” was the penul-timate panel of the day. This spirited discussion on the eve of the March 6 Georgia primary election with the Georgia lawyers who represent the president and his GOP challeng-ers, with special emphasis on issues that affect the legal community, was moderated by Ed Bean, editor, Fulton County Daily Report, Atlanta. Campaign representatives were: n Ron Paul: Jason R. Carnell, David West & Associates, Marietta Georgia Bar Journal

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