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Tribology and Lubrication Technology June 2013 : Cover

TLT TRIBOL OGY & L UBRICA TION TECHNOL OGY SYSTEMS, STRATEGIES & RESEARCH FOR LUBRICATION PROFESSIONALS AN PUBLICATION | JUNE 2013 Aircraft Redundancy Systems They keep us safe—but surprising flaws reside in the system. Meet STLE’s new president Vanderbilt Chemicals’ Rob Heverly Lube Fundamentals The Green Frog Project Polyalkylene Glycols Present and future applications Sublime Slime The slug—up close and personal DOE’s advanced-lubricants study Q&A with Dr. Steve Przesmitzki Jerry Byers STLE’s (Productive) Year in Review Bar scan to download 2013 STLE Annual Meeting app Digital TLT: Sponsored by Afton Chemical Corp. at

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