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Tribology and Lubrication Technology April 2017 : Cover

TLT TRIBOL OGY & L UBRICA TION TECHNOL OGY SYSTEMS, STRATEGIES & RESEARCH FOR LUBRICATION PROFESSIONALS AN PUBLICATION | APRIL 2017 13 YEARS of publishing excellence 10 Particle Analysis Tests Your guide to improving machine reliability and minimizing costs. India’s Winning Strategy Growth forecasted through 2021 Q&A with Farshid Sadeghi Understanding bearing dynamics Automotive Tribology The promise of cylinder deactivation A Thought for Your Penny The wear rate of coins Pulp Friction The art of paper making The Tribology-energy Connection New report from U.S. DOE STLE Annual Meeting App Digital TLT: Sponsored this month by the 2017 STLE Annual Meeting in Atlanta at

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