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Her Mind March/April 2013 : Page 2

Carry this. Or see us to treat your bladder control problem. Stop worrying every time you leave the house. Or whenever you sneeze. Or laugh. Or take a walk. Dr. Lisa Hawes and Dr. Victoria Staiman know it’s embarrassing to talk about it. But they understand. And they have treatments to help end the problem for good. So the only thing you’ll carry around is confi dence. Lisa N. Hawes, M.D. Victoria R. Staiman, M.D. Ches. Urology full page inside cov Columbia/Maple Lawn • Midtown Medical Building • 7625 Maple Lawn Blvd. Suite 210 • Fulton, MD 20759 • 301-725-0134 •

Chesapeake Urology

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