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Modern Steel Construction February 2014 : Page 3

Greiner’s job shop arsenal now includes the world’s largest steel rolling capacity. W40x593# I-beam being rolled to a 100-ft. radius. Our Roundo R-16S Angle Rolling Machine is only the second machine with this technology and capacity in the world, and the only one in the United States. It can roll any beam size either the easy way or the hard way. It can roll a W40-in. by 211-lb. beam to a radius less than 100 ft. with almost no distortion. Plus, roll up to 24-in.-OD pipe with 2-in. wall thickness. Give it to us straight, and we’ll handle the curves • Plate Forming: 2,750-ton Press Brake with 40' long bed • Plate Rolling: Up to 4-3/4" thick by 12' wide carbon steel • I-Beam Rolling: Up to 44" the “hard way” and any size the “easy way” • Tube Rolling: Up to 30" square • Pipe Rolling: Up to 24" in diameter with 2 " wall thickness • • • • • • • • • • • Structural Steel Fabrication Steel Plate & Sheet Metal Fabrication Miscellaneous Metals Machining Rolling & Forming Services Cutting Services Industrial Coatings Industrial & Electrical Contracting Mobile Crane Services Over-Dimensional Trucking Services Heat-Bending Services (AISC Certified for Major Steel Bridge Fabrication) • Channel Rolling: Up to 36" the “easy way” and 24" the “hard way” • Angle Rolling: Up to 12" by 12" • Tees: Any size • Solid Bar Rolling: Up to 14" square and up to 16" round • Flat Bar Rolling: Up to 40" by 7" the “easy way” and 20" by 6" the “hard way” Call us at 800-782-2110 for a free quote on your next Metal Rolling job.

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